Monday, 30 July 2012

August Wishlist

So, I haven't bought *anything* from my July wishlist... For various reasons. Self imposed embargo on nail varnish that didn't really work, a visit to Lush that was more disappointing than pleasing and a complete lack of desire to go clothes shopping really scuppered those plans, hah! But I guess I saved a bit of cash with it, right? And when I'm back at uni, it'll be welcome when I can afford to eat.

However, onwards and upwards with my August wishlist. First up, I am quite randomly and quite suddenly fanatically have set my sights on a Filofax (or similar) to organise my life and uni notes with in year three. For some reason I've decided that I don't want to have one notebook to write my notes in this year as I have the previous two years, but would rather have something that I could have pens, paper, last weeks notes, my diary, a little snack and slides all in one place. I can't be bothered with carrying a ring binder, notepad, pencil case, diary and other bits and bobs again! Plus I always find that I forget my notebook, or lose my pens, or get bored and doodle on the page which then is not good for revision... So a filofax it is. The only thing is I'd want an A4 one for this purpose, which will set me back about £60 - and I probably won't use it again after I graduate. So a smaller one would be more practical... mmm. I dunno. But aren't they sexy?

a4 filofax

Nail related, I have my eye on GOSH Holographic Hero, a re-release of their popular holographic silver polish that was discontinued last year. By popular demand it's due to be re-released in stores across the UK from the 1st of August - I can't wait to get my hands on a bottle! I don't have a picture because all the pictures are from other peoples blogs but here's a link to the google image results; check it out! So shiny and pretty and I need it. Definitely going down to the shops for it on Wednesday!

I can however show you a picture of my next object of affection; New Look wedges! Naturally...

new look wedges
Sigh. I tried them on today and the 5s were *just* too small, and the 6s were far too big :( I'm going to have to keep my eye out for a better fitting pair, whether they're from New Look or not. And hopefully for a little less than £25!

I am also massively in love with Nails Inc A Lister collection, it's stunning and includes what I think may be my 'forever' polish; Covent Garden Ballet. The A Lister collection is currently £15.50 on and features Lower Sloane Street (a soft toffee), Ledbury Road, (a metallic purpley taupey colour), Mayfair (iridiscent, shiny white) and Covent Garden Ballet (a light mushroom brown with gold shimmer). The whole collection is so beautiful and delicate - someone buy me it!

I really need a job. Or a student loan...

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  1. Oo those wedges are lovely, it's a shame they didn't have a size that fit - I have the same problem in New Look as well being between sizes and it's so annoying!

    Sam x


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