Tuesday, 31 December 2013

2013 Round Up

Lets face it, 2013 was pretty awesome. I'm almost sad to see it go - 2014 has so much to live up to!

In 2013 I...

* Finished my dissertation, and with it my final year of university
Not pictured: 8 weeks of crying, swearing and throwing a Mac across the room trying to compute the stats portion
* Took up an awesomely fun new hobby
My aptitude for hanging upside is somewhat unparalleled.
* Moved back from university and parted ways with some amazing friends (but not forever!)
God dammit those 2am nightclub photos are always so flattering.
* Met my musical hearthrob
* Threw my sister an awesome (if I do say so myself) hen do
Jazz hands were enforced.
* Graduated from three years of hard work
I'm the one in the hat, in case you were confused
* Moved into a flat with my wonderful boyfriend
The table is still standing, because I didn't build it.
* Had my cake featured on BBC2... Twice.
I cried.
* Took on the role of Maid of Honour at my beautiful sisters wedding
I cried again.
* Completed the Color Run, and with it my first 'official' 5K race. Many more planned for 2014!
Though my 2014 races will probably be less messy....
* Got a job after just a couple of months of searching (no photo for this, unless you want a screenshot of my many, many emails?)

* Went to see my first full rugby match at Wembley Stadium
Unfortunately it was a lose for the Saracens... fortunately, I'm a Harlequins fan.
* Said a very sad goodbye to my lovely childhood friend, Snowball
R.I.P beautiful girl x
Not to end this post on a sad note, but losing Snowie was the last big thing to happen this year. Apart from all of the above it's been work work work... (Gym) Work work work! And I wouldn't change it for the world. Love my job and who I work with, love my flat and who I live with, love my family and friends even though we're not all in one place.

Happy New Year guys. May this one be even better than the last.