Saturday, 7 July 2012

Accessorize 'Aztec' and Models Own 'Ibiza Mix' nails

I just don't know how I feel about this Accessorize nail varnish - it's not easy to apply, doesn't cover very well and I'm always massively disappointed when I put the first coat on as it comes out initially a really weird sewage green colour. However when it's on and it's on properly, it is a really nice purple and green duochrome that reminds me of an oil slick. It also has microglitter pigments in it which pick up the light and shimmer as you move your fingers! It seems prone to chipping though, which is disappointing.

Models Own 'Ibiza Mix' is a fantastic glitter polish and layering it over 'Aztec' creates a stunning look full of bling and depth. If anything, it's a little heavy for me (I'm not a massive fan of dark nails) but the duochrome looks so fab under the co-ordinating glitter that I'm willing to forgo it this once! It applies really easily and every stroke has loads of glittery bits in it, of all different shapes, sizes and colours. Next time I'll layer it over a lighter colour and see if I prefer it.

So here we go, first we have Aztec on it's own, and then with Ibiza Mix on top. No flash used in these photos. It's pretty hard to capture on camera but you can kind of see the green hues of Aztec in this first photo.


Next, with a flash...

Do you prefer Aztec with Ibiza Mix over the top or does it work on its own? Should Ibiza Mix be reserved for lighter base colours or does it work on a darker one?

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