Thursday, 28 March 2013

Life is hectic

Sorry for a non polish related post - I'm still having major issues with my nails. My index and middle fingers just won't stop peeling; even though my little finger nails are stronger and longer than ever! It's very weird. I'm trying Sea Kelp tablets to see whether or not that will work - but they're so big they're hard to swallow and I keep forgetting to take them!

My peely nails (sob) combined with my no-buy until I finish uni mean that in reality, I haven't had much chance to blog or even paint my nails. I am of course still frequenting the nail polish addicts forum and getting my fill of beautiful nails there.

So what have I been doing other than wandering around like a lost soul on polish forums? Well, for one I've been doing uni work. I am SWAMPED! But then again, I guess that's a final year, final semester thing. My tea intake has increased three fold (my wonderful friend Kate wrote a brilliant blog post here about her tea consumption relating to her dissertation!) and I'm just trying to get everything done to the best of my ability. It's hard work though. I'm also half heartedly applying for jobs and searching for a flat to live for when I do graduate as my boyfriend is moving out of his place soon and we're going to live together. And then there's my sister's hen do to plan - which is coming along fantastically, the strippers are booked and the penis straws have been purchased* - and the fact that I have no money to do anything exciting any way...

I guess one thing I have been doing recently is drawing more. When I get stressed, sometimes the only way to bring a little calm into my life is by drawing. Here's a couple of my more recent drawings:

Phew! I wanted to write this post because I'm procrastinating like a good student I miss the blogging world! I'm going to have a cuppa and go back over my favourite blogs now I think. Then crack on with more work!

*There may not actually be any strippers and there are definitely NO penis straws, but my sister wants it to be a surprise and it's fun winding her up in case she reads it. Rest assured Charli, your hen do is going to be f%^&ing awesome!