Monday, 16 July 2012

Weekend bake; 'healthier' chocolate chip cookies

I love cookies and baking them but they're not exactly the healthiest of bakes!

However I recently discovered the wonderful 'Chocolate Covered Katie' blog which has loads of gluten free, healthier, diet, often vegan/vegetarian recipes you can use to make healthier versions of your favourite treats. It's a wonderful website and she has so many great ideas that you'd be a fool to not read through it.

I made her no bake mocha chocolate chip cookies, which honestly are gorgeous! I baked mine as I don't like raw cookies at 160 degrees for about 8 minutes (as I made very small ones) - I was a little skeptical that they wouldn't really work but they are the perfect oaty cookie. Mine are a little powdery as I put too much cocoa in but other than that, they're a definite repeat make! Next time however I'll cut the cocoa powder in half. I also used real sugar as it's all we keep in.

Definitely check her site out, and if you fancy a healthy sweet fix then make these cookies! Unfortunately my memory card reader has gone walkies so no pictures :( Normal service will be resumed soon, I promise!

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