About the blog
'Nails and nibbles' is an amalgamation of two great passions of the author; sparkly beauty products and wholesome home made baking! New content is posted (hopefully) on a weekly basis. I mean, this was the plan,but uh, no. Suggestions for new features, specific topics or pages can be submitted through the comment boxes.

All products featured on the blog are purchased by me unless otherwise stated. I don't turn down a freebie, so if you have something you think might interest me then send an email to nataliejpluck@hotmail.co.uk. Feel free to contact me on that address is you have anything you wish to say related to my blog that you don't want to post as a comment.

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About the author
Natalie is 27, from the Home Counties in England. Since finishing university in 2013, she moved back home to live with her parents and two odd tom cats who enjoy eating and chasing hair ties and is now embarking on a new adventure studying MSc Occupational Therapy at university in t'North. She prides herself on being approachable and friendly to all, with a fun outlook on life and a spring in every step (well, some times). Outside of blogging and generally acting like a fool, she loves to swim, pole dance, is training for a 10k run and creates things such as cards and friendship bracelets. An Etsy shop is promised but has not yet materialised. She's often too busy running.

Her inspiration for blog posts and ideas comes from a mix of places; tumblr, idle internet browsing and the labyrinth she calls her mind. Anything said in the blog is her own opinions only and never influenced by an external party.