Wednesday, 14 November 2012

And the award for the worst blogger goes to...

Me! I've been a very bad blogger; I've been buying and buying but I've not posted anything about my hauls. Unfortunately I've managed to split my little finger nail right across the middle and so there will be no 'on nail' shots in this post, just bottle/swatches. However when it's healed I will be up and away again!

Here is a picture heavy run down of what goodies I've got over the last few weeks:

China Glaze - 'Midtown Magic'
Alright, my nails are horrible atm...
I found this in Sallys for the amazing price of £1.89! It's from last years autumn/fall 'Metro' collection, which is why it was being sold off cheap I guess. However, it's still a beautiful autumnal polish and I was so pleased to get it at such a great price!
The colour is a really deep brown, almost burgundy, with gold, red and green micro glitter flecks in. It is truly stunning and I can't wait to wear it! It's such a rich colour that reminds me of hot chocolates and log fires. Wonderful.
Mmm, glitter!
Accessorize - 'Soft Jade'
Gloves because my hands were cold *blushes*
I've wanted this polish for some time, as I think it's just such a perfect teal colour and would be fantastic for water marbling with gold and brown colours. I gave in when I realised I could get 20% in Accessorize for being a student making it £3.20 rather than the usual £4.
As with most teals, the colour is a mix of blue and green, in this case erring more on the cooler blue side than the bright green hues that you sometimes find (i.e. my ELF 'mint cream' teal colour).

Barry M - 'Pink Silver Glitter', 'Aqua Glitter' and 'Watermelon'
L - R; Pink Silver Glitter, Aqua Glitter, Watermelon
The pink silver glitter was a bit of a punt, I'm not sure why but it caught my eye and I decided I must have it! However it doesn't really suit my skin tone so I may sell it on at a later date. As you can see from the swatch and the bottle, it's made up of dark pink, silver, red and baby pink micro glitters. It's an easy polish to work with and covers really well; you only need two coats to get a stunning result.

Aqua glitter is much more my kind of colour and this polish is an absolute stunner; it's chock full of aqua glitters (both regular and micro sized) and looks amazing when layered over a darker colour. Possibly one of my favourite nail polishes I've ever found, I want to use it continuously!
Watermelon is part of the 'gelly' range, meaning that it is incredibly shiny and looks like it's still wet when it's dried. This colour is a little dark for my skin tone but when coupled with accent fingers of aqua glitter it's a wonderful alternative take on the subdued tones of autumn and would even work for winter manicures despite it's summery name sake!
I managed to get one very poor quality picture of my Watermelon and Aqua glitter manicure:

Nails Inc - 'Elizabeth Street' and 'Glamour Glitter'

These two were, as you may already know, part of the set of four that were given away as freebies in the December edition of Glamour. Elizabeth Street is a light pink sheer colour which takes a good few coats to become opaque and Glamour Glitter is a glittery gold top coat.
Elizabeth Street appealed to me because it's a nice subtle shade depending on how many coats of it you apply - perfect for job interviews or day to day work in an office where you can't have loud nails! Glamour Glitter is going to form the back bone of a lot of my christmas manicures; I already have it earmarked for a skittles style gradient.

Miss Sport - 'Goth Me Up'

Now this is a bit of an odd purchase; I'd read about it online but not actually seen any posts on the blog world about it. What Goth Me Up is is a translucent black top coat which is supposed to make bright colours darker - however I haven't had the chance to test this yet. It is on my to do list and hopefully in the next few days I will bring you a post showing it in action! I'm not completely sold on it yet but I need to properly test it out before I give a verdict.

Revlon - 'Emerald City'

One of my Poundland finds! I love love love this. I saw it this morning and knew that I had to have it. It's a matt suede effect dark green which has a slightly glittery/sparkly property which enhances the suede feel and it is gorgeous! Application wise it's a little runny but I can deal with that. For a pound, it's a definite bargain and one I will have to feature more intensely at some point in the future!

Sally Hansen - 'Teeny Greeny Bikini', 'Without A Stitch' and 'Dorien Grey'
L-R: Revlon: Emerald City, Sally Hansen: Teeny Greeny Bikini, Sally Hansen: Without a Stitch, Sally Hansen: Dorien Grey
Ok, so I went a little mad in Poundland. But with such great polishes for just a pound, who could blame me?! (I swear I am not employed by them!) These Sally Hansens immediately caught my eye.
Teeny Greeny Bikini is an olivey glittery polish from the 'hard as nails range' and has a more regular (but still long) brush than the other two. It seems that it may fall the same way as Pink Silver Glitter from Barry M but the price I paid was well worth the punt so I'm not going to complain.
Without a Stitch is a sheer camel coloured nude and may just be the colour I've spent all summer searching for! I've been looking for a nice nude that compliments my fair skin tone and this is just it. It applies really easily thanks for the great brush that Sally Hansens come with and is definitely a 'safe' polish. It's not stunning or outstanding but it's nice and subtle.
I picked up Dorien Grey purely because I don't have any grey polishes! It's a nice slatey coloured grey and will be a great base for some nail art. I can't wait to get playing with it!
Dorien Grey (far left), Without  a Stitch (centre), Teeny Greeny Bikini (right)
Once again I'm sorry for the lack of decent photos but normal service will resume when my nail repairs from this (again, terrible pic but it's all tea bagged up now!)