Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Nail of the Week - Olympics Special

As mentioned in a previous post, I have been itching to show you this manicure, but it required special circumstances to create for! Yesterday I was in Greenwich watching the final day of the individual and team three day eventing (an equestrian sport set over 4 days, where riders compete in dressage, cross country and finally show jumping) hoping that team GB could take their first gold - alas it wasn't to be however we did fantastically by winning the team silver medal! It was an amazing day and one I doubt I will ever see again; the Olympics won't be back in London for some time after all. I'll put some pictures at the end of this post for you all to see.

Here's how I showed my British pride on my nails:
london 2012

london 2012

london 2012

I used Barry M 'Cobalt Blue', Barry M 'Red Glitter' and NYC 'Pinstripe' to create the Union Jacks and attempted a 'string' manicure (layered over Accessorize 'Jewel') for the other nails. This took me AGES to do, but I think the results were worth it!

The string manicure is an idea I had from A Polish Addict, a blog I love and am totally addicted to... It's definitely not great and nowhere near perfect but I like the effect I got - it's grungy and kinda pop arty, more British I think than if it had worked as it was meant to! I also used the tutorial she linked to - find it here if you want to have a go. It's so simple and easy to do but takes quite a lot of time and patience (from start to finish, it took me about 3 hours...) and a steady hand. I am about as patient as a Jack Russel Terrier on crack... Hence the blips. I've had loads of comments about them yesterday and today so obviously the 'wrong' bits only matter to me!

Here's a few pictures from Greenwich Park for you all to have a look at; as I said it was a fantastic day, and was so well organised - great kudos to the Olympic family for putting on a great show and well done team GB! The atmosphere was electric and so tense when the Brits were riding; with every British rider getting a massive cheer from the home crowd on entry and course completion. Wonderful.

london 2012 greenwich park
Greenwich House
london 2012 team gb
The view from our seat - the arena was massive, much bigger than it looked on TV!
london 2012 team gb
Team GB riding in to collect their well earned silver medals (the 2012 rosettes for the horses are so cute!)
Finally, a panorama of the view from our seats:

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