Saturday, 21 July 2012

Mini haul

I'm sure at some point I promised someone somewhere that I'd stop buying stuff, especially nail stuff... After cataloging my (somewhat modest) collection last week I'm certain it came out my mouth. Seems that that lasted about five minutes... Here's my mini haul from the last few weeks:

1) Chit Chat Lip Pencils 2) Models Own Beetlejuice Mini, 3) Rimmel Matte Top Coat,
4) Chit Chat 'Purple' varnish 5) Allura Nail Art Kit 6) Models Own Glitter Mini
First, two lip pencils from the Chit Chat line - find it in your local Poundstore! I'll review these in a later post so there's not much to say here apart from the colours are Fiery Red and Damson, and they cost £1 each. They're a blatent cheaper version of the chubby sticks that Clinique are currently advertising every time I turn the TV on.

Number 2 is my Models Own Beetlejuice mini, a set I am in LOVE with as the colours really pop and are absolutely stunning, both in the bottle and on your nails. The colours are from left to right; Pink Cocktail (exclusive to the mini collection), Golden Green and Pinky Brown. They apply so easily and only need one coat to look fantastic - which is great as these bottles are unfortunately definitely mini! These were in the ASOS sale for £5.50.

I couldn't resist number 3, the only matte top coat in any of the stores in my town... I was hoping to find a cheaper version of this as at £4.59 it's incredibly expensive for what I initially regarded as a gimicky top coat,  but the truth is it's worth every penny as it transforms nail colours to something completely different. I've been having lots of fun playing around with it and you can expect to see it feature in a few NOTD and manicures from here on!

Another Poundland bargain - I was originally only in Poundland to pick up a drink and see if I could find a bottle of their violet glitter nail varnish... Instead I found lipstick, nail art and this beautiful polish! As I have hardly any nice purples I had to add this to my collection. It's a lovely bright purple and I think it'll be great in autumn for transitioning between summer and winter.

Yes, number 5 came from Poundland as well. They had wheels with both flat backed beads and the glitter-y sequin things as well which to be honest look like a much neater and more practical storage option but it was either beads or sequins and I didn't want to have to make that choice; it'd be like choosing your favourite child. So far I haven't had much chance to play with the sequins but the beads are great for a bit of bling and seem to have the same properties as any other nail art beads so a definite bargain there!

And finally - number 6, the nail varnish set I'd leave my boyfriend for (not really! but it is really lovely) ;) So glittery, so beautiful, so easy to use and so much fun! Sigh. From left to right, the colours are; Emerald City, Scarlett Sparkle and Bluebell. This set was £4.50 in the recent ASOS sale - I'm not sure if they're still in  stock but if they are, go run and buy them now! You won't regret it.

Yes, I definitely fell off the 'not buying stuff' wagon... But it was a spectacularly glittery fall and I'll do it again! What do you think of the Poundland cosmetics range? Matte nail varnish - faux or fashion?

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