Monday, 23 July 2012

Nail of the Week - Matte top coat

I never really wear reds on my nails, they're rarely the right tone for my pale skin and they remind me of a desperate 45 year old secretary trying to get into her bosses pants... Yeah. However I knew that the new Matte top coat by Rimmel I'd bought would need a really high gloss finish varnish to show of the effect to the max so I reached for my Nails Inc 'Milan' bottle and voila!

nails inc milan matte top coat

My idea was simple; mattify the middle finger half the index/ring fingers and leave the rest glossy (which later turned into put matte dots on the thumb and pinkies - failed quite considerably). As you can see, Milan is really glossy which is great when you want to make a feature with matte effect top coats!

I really like the matte top coat, it's so easy to use and makes a massive change if you use it on the right nail varnish. It doesn't work very well on muted colours or metallics but on really glossy colours it's great. I definitely prefer it used in conjunction with the normal colour as well - I've had my eye on some lovely reverse manicures done with matte top coats recently, can't wait to try that!

As a tag onto this post, I've set up a lookbook account! You can access it here or from the tab in the sidebar. I'd love to know if you have one - share me your link!

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