Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Lust list 20/02/2013

I'm on a self imposed no buy (again!) until the start of May now. This doesn't stop me from looking and lusting though!

First up, I really love the shade of Barry M's new Lychee jelly polish. It's a gorgeous hi-shine light nude colour which to me looks similar to OPI's Don't Pretzel My Buttons - if I wasn't on a no buy and I had my German mini set up at uni with me I'd get it and do a comparison shot but unfortunately it's a no go! It doesn't seem like anyone else has done this yet so I'd be interested in seeing the comparison pics if you do have them both. Here is is in the bottle;

Secondly, whilst these are a little bit 'last year' now having been released in November 2012, OPI's Cirque Du Soleil collection didn't immediately wow me but when I saw It's a Trap-Eze I knew I wanted it. This is a gorgeous milky white multi coloured glitter that just screams circus to me and is a unique addition to any collection. Want. Now. It doesn't look much in the bottle but obviously I can't be stealing swatch pictures from any lovely blogger people so you'll have to do your own googling for that.
I already have Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure but that doesn't stop me from lusting after even more flakies... Especially one as gorgeous as HITS Lambada! There are four in the HITS flakies range (Lambada, Jazz, ChaChaCha and Waltz in English) but Lambada is the most multi-tonal of them all. Looking at swatches ChaChaCha seems the most similar to Hidden Treasure but the beautiful range of colours - from red, to the green, to turquoise blue - in Lambada is what attracted me the most. Now, as a Brazilian polish you might imagine it'd be hard to get hold of but it's easily available from Sally's Magpies, a UK based webstore selling all kinds of polishes from across the globe.
Sally also has the gorgeous HITS No Olimpo collection in stock, which is a range of extreme holos based around Greek mythology. There are a handful of these I would love in my collection but in the interest of concise writing I shall not bore you with them all! Right at the very top of my lust list for these guys is HITS Hera, a gorgeous teal green holo. However I wouldn't say no to Hefesto, Hestia, Hermes or Dionisio... Wink wink, nudge nudge ;)
Finally, if a bottle of piCture pOlish Peacock landed on my door step, I would be one happy girl. This has a gorgeous dark base and green glitters running through it that make up a shimmery green look. I don't know why I'm always drawn to greens but most of the colours I lust after seem to be green or turquoisey blue! Without a shadow of a doubt this is my favourite polish in the whole piCture pOlish range and one I would love to have in my collection.
Sigh. Roll on May! 

Friday, 8 February 2013

NOTD - Hearts and Shimmer

Being in a long distance relationship due to uni means that once again I won't see my boyfriend on Valentines day - not that we're massively fussed about celebrating it anyway. This doesn't mean I can't do nice love themed nails though!

barry m hearts nail art

Base - H + M 'Mon Amie' with H + M 'Snow White' layered over the top
Hearts - Barry M 'Red Glitter'

The hearts were really simple to do with a dotting tool - pick a medium sized ball, dip it in the red polish, and then dot a circle onto your nail. Dot another circle just opposite it and with any luck it'll form into a natural heart shape. If it doesn't or you want a more sharpened heart then get a smaller ball and make a point. 

barry m hearts nail art
Close up of the hearts