Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Graze Box

I had these when I was at uni (the first time I went, and last year as well) and I've always been impressed with what I got so when I got an email telling me I could get a box free again I jumped on it!

For those who aren't in the know, a graze box looks like this:
graze box

And contains four punnets of healthy treats and snacks like this:
graze box inside

In my box today I got 'Tutti frutti', 'My Thai', 'Strawberry Milkshake' and 'Carrot Cake with Afternoon Tea'. The point of a graze box is that you get healthy snacks to enjoy across your day and you reach for them rather than a packet of crisps or chocolate bar (even though some of the snacks contain chocolate too!). For those watching their weight, it's great as you can read the nutritional information for each punnet in the leaflet you get inside your box (not pictured) and you can eat what you want of it, when you want it! I imagine if I worked a desk job that this would be invaluable as having something to snack on that's easy and healthy is a must! In fact when I was at uni and writing essays I used to have a one of the seed-y graze punnets at hand to snack on.

So far I've tried the carrot cake and afternoon tea infusion; the carrot cake was SO moist and tasty, the pumpkin seeds add a little crunch on top and the texture was just perfect. I wish I could make carrot cake as good as that! It also proves that you don't need fatty cream cheese toppings to make a carrot cake great. The infusion was lovely and I could see it becoming a tea I need to put on my shopping list. If you're having a stressful day at work what better way to relax than to sit back for five minutes with a piece of lovely moist carrot cake and a cup of relaxing, musty tea?

graze box tea carrot cake
If you want to try a graze box for yourself, you can try them free with the code 3JY1CHPD; just go to Graze, fill your details in and the code (in step 3) and you'll get your box! The system is totally flexible, you can have as many or as few as you want - I get one a week but you could have one a day, one a fortnight, one a month! Or you can just try your first one and then turn deliveries off so you don't get any more. You don't get charged for boxes you don't get sent and the customer service is great so don't be worried about it. If you've tried them in the past but cancelled them it's worth checking your account to see whether you're eligible for a free one to entice you back!

How does Graze give you foods you like/what if you're a picky eater? Well, don't worry because the first thing you do is rate the products that Graze has; with either 'bin it' (it'll never be sent to you), 'try it' (try it once), 'like it' (send it again) or 'love it' (send it as often as possible. The products range from cakes to dipping crackers, from dried fruit medleys in any flavour you can imagine to seed punnets flavoured with juices and wonderfully exciting things like that. You can specify if you want a product to be sent every time or if you want it to be completely random - and if you're a picky eater what better way to get yourself to try new foods?

Unfortunately Graze is not currently safe for those with nut or sesame allergies due to the environment that they pack the punnets in - I'm hoping that this will change soon though!

Let me know what you think about Graze - do you already get graze boxes or have you tried them before? What do you think of the product range? If you do go ahead and get one, let me know what you think! Don't forget to use the code above if you do go for it!


  1. I've been using graze for about 3 years now on and off - didn't realise they now did tea infusions. Off to order myself one now. :)

    1. The tea is yummy! I think I've got about three accounts where I've forgotten and set up a new account... :) x

  2. Thanks for the code I'm getting it now! :D
    What box did you get? :)

    1. I've only ever had the nibble box, I like my naughty treats too much to get a nutrition box! x


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