Tuesday, 10 July 2012

ASOS £100 Challenge

Whilst browsing the wonderful 'The Tyrannosaur' blog I found a wonderful competition that I just had to enter! The Discount Coder blog ladies are currently running a competition to find who can put together the best outfit from ASOS without going over £100, sale items included but no discounts allowed. Here's what I came up with:
1) Mega Stud Bracelet, £15 2) Embroidered Denim Shorts, £28 3) Fiji Leather Sandals, £20 4) Skull Head Anklet, £6 5) Models Own 'Nude Beige', £5, 6) White Skinny Belt £6, 7) Union Jack Tee, £15.
Outfit total: £95

I envisioned this outfit as being great for a sunny afternoon barbecue, chilling with friends in the park or even a house party with friends. This would also be a great outfit for a beach day over seas - a little bit patriotic, a lot stylish!

1) This chunky bracelet breaks up the arm and adds an interesting point. I would probably not wear a necklace with this so I feel that a bracelet is necessary - plus I love the strength that this one has! It's punky and rebellious and yet at the same time fairly elegant. 

2) These shorts are gorgeous! Honestly, I want a pair. The embroidery on them takes them from being a casual garment to fashionable and a talking point. Would definitely be the first thing I bought if I won the £100 prize ;)

3) Sandals are a must for summer, especially on the beach. When it's hot, you don't want your feet covered up. I've carried the gold from the shorts and bracelet on here as I feel it ties the look together.

4) This anklet looks dainty from a distance but up close you notice that it's a skull design. Matched with the bracelet it marries the whole look together - plus anklets give off that free, breezy boho chic that summer just cries out for. 

5) Well this is a nail blog after all! You're never fully dressed if your nails are painted in my mind :D This nude colour is perfect for giving off the impression that you've made a lot of effort when really you haven't. I would possibly do an accent nail in gold if I was wearing this outfit just to be a little more on trend.

6) You probably won't see the belt but if you're like me (smaller on the hips and waist than on your thighs) it's a necessary evil! This is unobtrusive and simple but provides a service that's invaluable.

7) Olympic fever is definitely about to take over as the games draw ever nearer; support your country with pride with this casual tee! I love the slightly distressed look it has as well. Again, it says casual but with a touch of class as well. 

There we go, an outfit for £95! You could probably do away with the belt and nail varnish and spend the remaining cash on a nice nude/gold clutch but practicality is boring. 

Have you entered? What would you spend the prize money on? 


  1. Will definitely be entering this competition, glad I stumbled upon your blog and found it!

    If only the weather were decent enough at the moment to wear outfits like this, could proper go for a BBQ on the beach in shorts right now!


    1. I hope that the summer will eventually appear, maybe if I keep dreaming of summery things it will?! x


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