Friday, 28 December 2012

Blog sale - part one!

I need to downsize, so I'm selling some of my polishes that I don't really use.

This is batch one, the polishes that I left at home when I went to uni - when I go back after the new year for my exam I'll put more up for sale (probably more desirable ones!)

Email me on if you're interested in any of the polishes, or leave a comment below. I'll be accepting paypal and can ship within the EU if needed. Postage costs will depend on how many and what you want so I will contact you with this before I send anything!

Here we go...

17 'Tropical Island' (Swatched), Claires sparkly brown, Miss Sporty 205 (swatched), Miss Sporty 160 (swatched, more red than it appears!) £1.50 each
Star Gazer 147 (swatched), Star Gazer 106 (swatched), £1.50 each, Nails Inc 'Milan' (swatched, some lid damage) £2
Ruby Hammer 'Brown', £1.50 Unbranded set of four minis £2
Miss Sporty 330 (small sparkley black, swatched), 17. 'Nightshade' (swatched), £1.50, Accessorize 'Aztec' (used, bottle slightly damaged) £2
Barry M unnamed sparkly blue (quite old!), Barry M 289 'Gold' (swatched), Barry M 307 'Lemon Icecream' (swatched) £2.50 each
GOSH 'Miss Sweety' (swatched), GOSH 'Yellow Bombay' (sparkly yellow, some bottle damage but only swatched once), GOSH Holographic Hero (204) £3.50 each
O.P.I. 'Germinis Collection', brand new £7

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Secret Santa time!

I took part in a present swap on the NPAA forum and my package arrived Thursday morning! I was so excited I didn't even take a second to photograph the outside of it. However, I did manage to photograph the contents!

So, here's the low down of what I received:
secret santa frankens
L to R: Franken 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds', Franken 'I believe in Disco, do you?', No. 7 'Milan', 17 'Holo Silver', Color Club 'Glitter Green'
Some gorgeous false nails! 
 I was very thoroughly spoilt!

Out of them all, I think 'Do you believe in disco? I do' is my favourite, it's stunning over the top of a dark colour and built up on it's own it is SO sparkly and beautiful I could cry. Absolutely wonderful! I took the labels off the two franken bottles because they wouldn't photograph nicely, lol.

I'd been looking for a glittery green for a while so the Color Club was very welcome, it was almost like my SS had read my mind! The 17. Holographic is actually, I think, better than the GOSH Holographic Hero - it certainly applies easier and it's just as holo-y! The false nails are gorgeous and I can't wait for an occasion where I can wear them! I always enjoy different types of glitter top coat and the No. 7 shade will be perfect for job interviews and a more formal nail colour.

I've already decided that my NYE nail 'outfit' is going to be DYBID?ID layered over a sleek black or dark navy and I am VERY excited by this prospect!

Swatches - Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Do You Believe in Disco? I do, Milan, Holo Silver and Green Glitter.
Here's a mani I did with the Color Club green, Models Own Ruby Red and Accessorize Gold.

To my secret santa - Thank you so much! It's a wonderful set of nail polishes! To the person waiting for mine, I hope you enjoy it and let me know (comment below!) when you get your parcel.

Merry Christmas guys!

Instagram post

Fear not, there will be a 'proper' post up tonight - an exciting one! I received a secret santa present in the post from a mysterious poster over at the nail polish addicts anonymous forum and I'm super excited to swatch the polishes I got - which are absolutely gorgeous and amazing and wow - and show you guys :D

However this post is something a little different that I'm experimenting with; I've had an instagram account for a couple of months now (*pokes the instagram widget in the sidebar) and it's where I post most 'initial' photos of my nails before I come on here and do a full length blog post about them, so it's worth following if you're also on instagram! I'm going to showcase my instagram photos for you; I have seen this done before and if this works out well, I may make this a regular feature.


Row 1: Christmas tips about to be taken off! Fantasy Fire, Silver french tips
Row 2: Candy canes! Pasta bake om nom, mistletoe nail art
Row 3: My boyfriend and my cat, my cat before the 'trauma' ;), yummy home made hot chocolate!

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Fantasy Fire, siiighhh!

Oh man. This polish is g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s!

I can't wait to wear it in the summer when I can go out in the sun and enjoy the sparkles to their fullest capacity! In my dull and dingy North Wales bedroom it looks a little lack lustre, but honestly? I think this may be my new favourite polish.

In these pictures I used - gasp - 5 coats. Yes, 5 coats and it wasn't completely opaque... Now I'm glad I know I can get another few bottles of this because it's such a tiny bottle and 5 coats for opacity is ridiculous! Next time I'll definitely layer it over a base coat, probably my Technic Purple. I'm interested to try it over black as well; I just need to get a decent black to play with!

Here's the photos:
max factor fantasy fire

max factor fantasy fire

max factor fantasy fire

You can really see the gold flecks when the flash is off, and the red when it's on! In natural sunlight the flecks are very blue, almost turqouisey. Wonderful.

If anyone hasn't been able to find it, I've got a couple of (brand new, never opened!) bottles listed on ebay currently - and yes, I can ship to America and Canada! 

Monday, 10 December 2012

Fantasy Fire

Have a quick teaser shot of my Fantasy Fire nails!

max factor fantasy fire

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Friday, 7 December 2012

Day 2 - Nailmas Challenge

Wow, this week has flown by, so quickly that I didn't even realise this post would be so late...

Here's Day 2 of the Nailmas Challenge:
Two accent nails

Sally Hansen 'Dorian Grey' and GOSH 'Holographic Hero' (201 edition!)

I think this is pretty hideous tbh, but I couldn't think of anything else to do... and I'm amazed that it stayed on my nails that long!

Day 3 will be up soon...

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Twelve Days of Nailmas: Day 1

Hello all!

My little finger has finally grown long enough to paint so I am back on the polish wagon! Today's post is bought courtesy of the 'Twelve Days of Nailmas' challenge facebook group. Today is day 1, and I will (hopefully!) be posting a different nail look according to our nail version of The Twelve Days of Christmas from now up until Christmas eve roughly every other day.

Here's the full song if you want to join in:

Twelve Dots a Dotting

Eleven Copper Stripes
Ten Glitters Matted
Nine Glass Flecks Gleaming
Eight Presents Prancing
Seven Reds A Fading
Six Blues A Spotting
Five Gold Rings 
Four Gradients 
Three Silver French
Two Accent Nails
A Polish That Looks Like Berries.

So here is my polish that looks like berries! I am in love with this design, and will probably wear it again over the festive period! I twisted the rhyme slightly and went for holly decorated accent nails. 

Messy pre-clean up photo!
Base coat - Barry M 289 'Gold', Berries - No. 17 'Ruby Glitter', Leaves - Revlon Matt Suede 933 'Emerald City'. I did two coats of Barry M, then dotted the berries and leaves on top.