Friday, 26 October 2012

Nail varnish organisation

When you have a problem with nail varnish collecting, you may also find you have a problem with duplicates and storing all your pretties. However I truly believe I have devised the perfect system for it...

It's a two pronged system really. Firstly, I've got some nail wheels and I've been painting them with the nail varnishes I have here at uni. These nail wheels will stay here and with this collection. Eventually when I have time and am back home for a decent amount of time I will do the same with my 'home' collection - however I will take them with me back to uni, to avoid buying any duplicates.

Secondly, I have a pocket Domino filofax that I bought in a charity shop (see this post here) and in it I have a sheet of paper for every brand I own - this has the name of the bottle on it, and a small swatch of the colour. It also has a number down one side; this is the number of the nail wheel I've swatched it onto. For example:

Now when I go into town with the idea of buying a new nail varnish, I can take my Domino with me and I'll have absolute certainty that I'm not buying a dupe or something that's too similar to one I already have!