Monday, 13 August 2012

Run out of nail varnish remover?

And left with a horrible manicure that you'd really like to just forget? If so, I share your pity. I am in this exact situation - so I thought I'd bring to you some of the best home made nail varnish removers that you can try from simple ingredients you'll find around your home.

Vinegar + fruit juice
Mix some vinegar with the juice of citric fruit - lemon, lime or orange - and use it as you would a normal nail varnish remover.
First things first, this smells HORRENDOUS. It smells like... if you'll allow me to be crude, the results of a heavy night drinking... Gross. And sadly, it doesn't really work either. It doesn't work as a normal nail varnish remover would, and wipe the nail varnish off, but it will soften your nail varnish enough to scrape it away. This is an act I'm a little uncomfortable with as it seems like it could possibly be a bit damaging to my nails, which is something I'm trying to avoid!

Clear nail varnish over the top
Paint the top of your nails with a coat of clear nail varnish and immediately wipe off. A tissue works best.
This works well - for a bit. But if you're trying to use this as your only method of nail polish removal, you're going to get very frustrated very quickly as it's not perfect and doesn't work on thick layers of polish or glitters. Plus also you're wasting a lot of clear nail varnish with this method; which kinda puts me off a bit.

Anti-bacterial wipes
Use an anti-bacterial or make up remover wipe over your nail to remove your nail varnish.
This did nothing - and after a little bit actually started to hurt the skin around my nails. I wouldn't recommend this at all and would say that you probably shouldn't be playing with anti-bacterial cleaning agents. If you want to try this (!) it's at your own risk and you should be washing your hands thoroughly afterwards.

Spray a little cheap perfume or hairspray on a cotton wool ball and use as you would nail varnish remover.
This works incredibly well - however it's because the perfume/hairspray contains acetone, which we all know is the active ingredient in most nail varnish removers, and is something I'm trying to avoid. However if I had no other option, this would not be a bad alternative; your nails smell lovely at the end and it works so well it'd be a crime to put it down.

Apply a little toothpaste onto cotton wool and use as you would normal nail varnish remover.
This did precisely nothing. But at least my nails smell minty fresh now...

The best solution is to make sure you always have nail varnish remover of your preference in the house, of course, but in a pinch perfume or hairspray are great alternatives! All the above were gleaned from various different sources and collated here.

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  1. Perfume! It seems really obvious now (acetone, duh!) but I'd never have thought! Perfumed nails <3

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