Thursday, 9 August 2012

Mascara comparison

Above is a picture of my naked and slightly surprised looking eyes. Just what you wanted to see, right?! Slight disclaimer - if you don't like close up shots of eyes, you may not want to read this post.

I currently own four different brands of mascara, so I thought I'd have a little play and see which I prefer and which gives the best results. So, without further ado (in reverse order, because I've already decided on my favourite!)...

In last place - Ruby Hammer Recommends (brown)

On my eyes:
ruby recommends brown mascara

Verdict: Seriously, look at all that excess on the brush! Happens every time so you have to either put it all on your lashes or wipe it off, wasting it all. It's ridiculous. It's not even a little bit! I got this in a gift set for christmas with a slate grey one which performs in exactly the same way; I don't think the set was cheap either. Really disappointing. I don't think much of the actual look it gives either, very clumpy and spindly.

In third place - Miss Sporty 'Fabulous Lash' mascara (black)

On my eyes:
miss sporty fabulous lash mascara

Verdict: As you can see, it's quite clumpy, and the brush is totally different to the ones I prefer. It's far too spaced out and gives my eyes a very 'spider leggy' look, which I hate! Out of them all, this came last because the texture of the formula was terrible, the brush is too long (nearly poked my eye out twice!) and doesn't cover my lashes properly and the results aren't what I want at all. The only thing going for this mascara is it's quite cheap at £1.99 (available here)

In second place - No. 17 'Photo Flawless' mascara (blue black)
no. 17 photo flawless mascara

On my eyes:

The verdict:
The brush on this one is slightly curved, which helps to lift my lashes and give them a natural curl. The idea with this mascara range is that you buy the colour designated for your eye - I actually got the blue/black when I was going on holiday a few months ago and realised at the airport that I'd left my mascara at home! I have this in plain black as well and I can honestly see no difference in the two colours. Having said that, this mascara works well for me *most of the time*. It didn't come first because occasionally, it won't seperate my lashes as well as it should and I end up with spider lashes, my biggest hate! It's also sold at a midrange £5.99 which is on the top of my price range.

In first place - Collection 2000 'XXL Volume Sensation' mascara (black)

On my eyes:
collection 2000 xxl volume sensation mascara

The verdict:
Ok, here's the embarrassing thing. After taking off and putting mascara five times in a row, my lashes kinda protested at the idea of looking nice and as you can see, kind clumped together and refused to co-operate. However this is rather abnormal for this mascara which keeps it firmly at the top of my love list! I have a really bad feeling that this is no longer produced as I haven't seen any for a few months :( The brush is lovely and full which makes it really easy to get thick, long lashes without any clumping or spiders legs. If it has truly been discontinued, I may have to cry. This is the only mascara I've ever found that consistently gives fantastic results and the best thing is - it retails for just £3.99, proving that bargain brands can be the best!

What's your favourite mascara?


  1. At the moment I use Maybelline cat eyes (think that's what it's called - comes in a yellow tube!) which is really good - I especially love the brush that comes with it, it's kind of curved and doesn't get clumpy at all.

    The only downer to it is it's a little expensive, I only picked it up 'cos it was on offer :-/ May have to experiment with other brands a bit once it's ran out to try and find a cheaper one!

    Sam x

    1. Yes, I've heard of that one! Have a feeling I'll need to experiment again soon :( x

  2. I used to use that collection 2000 one!!! :) You should try the 17 peep show one or the Rimmel 'glameyes' one. Both of those are AMAZING. xx


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