Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Weekend Bake: Oreo Cupcakes

I love these cakes, I make them as often as I can get Oreos in the house unopened for long enough to whip the batter up! The icing is sticky and cloying which goes really well with the sweet moist cake. This time I used a different recipe to normal - which called for the interesting ingredient of boiling water, an addition that I initially thought had scrambled the mixture - but it is much moister and stickier than my cakes normally turn out so I'm sticking with it!

I managed to make 28 of these bad boys, luckily I'd bought a duo pack of Oreos as it happens that there are exactly 14 Oreos in each pack! The plan was that my BF was going to take half the batch to work with him but unfortunately that didn't happen for a few reasons, so we've been left with 20 cupcakes to eat between two people... Challenge accepted ;)

The recipe for the cakes came from this fantastic blog and will be, when I can be bothered to wander upstairs to collect my recipe book, forever enshrined in writing so that I can make these bad boys again! I adapted the Primrose Bakeries vanilla frosting receipe to include Oreo crumbs and chunks - I was anxious not to put too much liquid in as I was running low on icing sugar so my frosting is a little too stodgy for my liking. Still tastes beautiful mind you!

Cross section showing the oreo cookie baked into the cake

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