Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Handbag Window Shopping

Apologies for the silence recently, I've been pretty busy doing... well, uhm, not very much. But hey, it's a time consuming job relaxing and window shopping all day!

I've decided that now I have two lovely filofaxes, and a lovely lovely purse, I should probably stop using my tatty old handbags that are filthy inside and get something sophisticated and grown up to use as my daily bag.

Option a - a 'big' bag, such as a bucket tote or bowling bag. It'd need to have enough space for two filofaxes (A4 and personal size), pencil case, my keys, purse, phone and as well as some space spare for anything I find out and about (Wales and their carrier bag charging ways have cost me two bags in the last year as I split them trying to stuff too many groceries in them coming home from lectures... sigh).

Option b - a nice, adequately (medium) sized handbag. Again, must be big enough for my personal filo, purse, keys, phone, pencil case and a little bit extra. I could then carry my A4 filofax with me to and from lectures; and when I come home I could use a different, bigger bag that I already have. The other possibility to this is that my parents could then, if I decide that I don't like this method, get me a nice (and more expensive than I could afford by myself) bigger bag to use at uni.

The only way to solve this clearly is to do a comparison. Here's what I came up with...

1) Accessorize butterfly lock bag, £35 2) asos liquorish tote, £35 3) Accessorize spotty dotty tweed bag, £32
4) Chants charm saddle bag, £28 5) Jane Norman quilted bucket bag, £30 6) Rocket Dog plaited shopper, £23
1) New Look mink crocodile satchel, £15 2) Accessorize kempton satchel, £32 3) Accessorize zip front slouch, £28
4) Jane Norman quilted boxy bag, £17.50 5) Debenhams grey shoulder bag, £12.50 6) Accessorize Evelyn bag, £30
It's a tough one. One thing I've noticed is that shoulder and smaller hand bags tend to come in really boring colours - greys, whites and blacks. Or red. I hate the look of red leather! However this may work best with my pink filofax, pink pencil case and pink purse...

What bag and bag option do you like best?


  1. I love bags so much I'm not sure I could choose just one ha ha :)

    Tanesha x

  2. I personally used a big(ish) bag for lectures and found it so much easier than having to carry stuff separately. I bought mine at the end of first year for about £30 from River Island. So I'd probably go for a biggish one (number 1 and 3 in your "big bag" suggestions are my favorites).

    I also used to have the same problem whenever I went shopping after lectures. Literally used to keep a carrier bag in every handbag!

    Sam x


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