Monday, 11 June 2012

Mauve and gold; an insight into an addiction!

First post, lets jump right in!

There's been a lot of buzz around the beauty blog/nail blog community at the moment about the free gift on this months edition of Marie Claire - a full sized bottle of Ciate nail polish in a choice of three shades (Bon Bon, a browny mauve colour, Purple Sherbert, a lilacy colour and Jelly Bean, a shocking pink).

There were no copies with Jelly Bean avaliable in my local newsagent, with just Bon Bon and Purple Sherbert on sale. Personally, I've never been a massive fan of purpley shades of nail varnish despite purple being my favourite colour, especially not pastel ones. £3.70 later and Bon Bon was mine! I'm still picking my way through the magazine, which is not one I'd normally bother even looking at on the shelf but it'd be nice to read in the bath I guess.

Whilst out on my expedition to town, I also bought poppy seeds (an amazing, miraculous discovery, which I shall cover in a later post), a lemon, some vegetables and three more bottles of nail varnish. Oops. That makes my (combined from buying, getting as freebies and receiving for my birthday) haul of nail varnish from the 26th of May to today a grand total of... 10 bottles? Eek. I think I have a problem. In my defence, the three bottles were on reduced price.. so today, I added a lovely brown, a metallic gold, a white and a beautiful deep blue to my collection.

Here's what I did with my free Ciate colour and the bottle of Accessorize metallic gold (picked up for half price in my Superdrug store, not sure if this is a nationwide offer or not though).

Despite the white balance issues, this is pretty true to life colourwise.
I'm really sorry for the quite frankly appalling photo and nails, my nice camera needs a) a new battery charger and b) a new memory card reader so until I get a job it's a tiny little point and shoot that has colour balance problems! My little finger got the brunt of the damage when I was rooting through a box to try and find cotton buds - as you can see, my nails hadn't quite set at that point. Bad me.

As you can see, I accented my ring finger with Accessorize polish in Jewel and I must say, I am really taken by it. It sits really nicely against Bon Bon and was so easy to apply - it says one coat polish on the bottle and by gum, it's true! The Ciate, unfortunately, I am not so massively impressed with. It was fairly easy to apply but even after half an hour hadn't hardened fully so my little finger and now my thumb finger have dented quite considerably. I'll keep it on for a few days to see how it wears and chips because I like the way it's turned out but if I didn't I'd probably lose it quite quickly (I'm fickle like that). Another complaint is that even though I applied two coats, it is still quite translucent on some of my fingers, which for a top end nail varnish is something that would bother me if I'd paid for it. I'm unsure whether I'll use the 25% off voucher in Marie Claire to get myself another colour of it as yet. I'll probably use it again though I really do adore this look!

My right hand. Not being a fan of symmetry, I decided to accent my index finger this time - and I love it!
I can't help but think that Bon Bon would be the perfect colour for day to day work, it is a lovely subtle colour and one that despite the issues I've noticed I can't help but like.

Did you buy Marie Claire just for the free gift? If so, how did you find it? Which colour did you go for (or could you not decide and buy all three?!)? Comment and let me know!

In my next few posts I'll reveal why the poppy seeds were so important, the other colours I bought today and what this blog is all about!


  1. Wow! That I really like that Bon bon colour. I'm all about bright polishes at the moment but quite often fancy something more subtle. Might just have to get that! Great post, can't wait to see what you have coming up :) xxx

  2. Thanks so much for following my blog :)
    Just been looking through yours its fab love the nail colours look really good together!

  3. Thanks so much for being my first follower :)
    Love your blog and also these nail colours are beautiful!


  4. I love the colours together. Love having polish that looks sophisticated:)


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