Friday, 15 June 2012

Clothing haul

What can you do when you're dragged to Tesco with your parents? Well, lighten up the experience by buying lots of clothes of course! Now, Tesco may not be the most chic of brands or the stomping ground of many fashionistas, but I always have and always will that you do NOT need to pay through the nose to get some great clothes. Hell, I occasionally find Primark expensive! The likes of Topshop and Jack Wills are so far out of my price range that I get sweats from just breathing their air...

First off, I picked up a pair of shorts. Tesco has a large variety of shorts in at the moments, in a variety of colours and patterns. Initially I went for a green denim pair with mint green heart detail (see here) but as nearly all my shorts are either blue denim or green I decided to spice it up a bit with this pink bow detail pair...
I think these will look really cute with a simple tee, big sunnies and some nice wedges! Bring back the summer sun! Find them here.

Another pair of shorts that caught my eye and I nearly bought was this blue and white print pair; however the material (not denim) was just a little too on the low quality plasticky side for me. However, if you're looking for a cheap and smart pair of patterned shorts they more than fit the bill at a penny saving £6.

Find them here
Second buy was this jumper, which at £10 (reduced from £14) it's going to be a staple of my autumn and winter wardrobe! A bit of an odd buy maybe, but I'm terrible for just wearing hoodies every day to uni and next year I want to branch out a bit more rather than just reaching for the same tired hoody day after day. Plus a lot of my winter wardrobe is drab and grey so adding some colour is exactly what I'm looking for. As it has 3/4 length sleeves as well, I imagine I'll be able to get some use out of it over our dreary English summer.

A little bit old granny, a little bit awesome. It's a balance thing.
 I am totally in love with my third buy, a simple black and white bird pattern printed dress. It's beautiful! A little longer than I'd normally plum for as it falls below my knee but it hugs every curve and clings in all the right places. I can't wait to get a nice pair of wedged sandals to wear with it. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to be on the website but on Sunday I'm going to wear it to a county fair so I'll do an outfit of the day with it. And the best bit? It was only £10! Lovely jubbly. I can't wait to show you it! 

Whilst I was perusing the shelves, I of course took a long look at their shoe selection. I was unfortunately massively underwhelmed as the majority of shoes on sale were cheap looking sandals with little to no soul that I knew would a) kill my feet from rubbing and b) killing my legs from lack of support. I'm desperately trying to find a nice pair of wedges/heeled sandals for casual wear over the summer but Tescos does not sell my solution! I did stumble across a nice pair for £15, but eventually decided they weren't worth it as they were quite rough on my feet and I would be hobbling from two minutes in walking in them. Here they are:
Aren't they gorgeous? So summery and light :)
I don't normally spend so much time in the clothing section of Tescos, but all through June they have a special discount which I used. In store, if you grab one of their leaflets you get £5 off any clothing purchases over £25 and online you can get £10 off any £40 purchase. Fantastic for stocking up for holidays or just because you're in love with a few garments!

Do you enjoy rummaging through the rails in Tesco or are you exclusively upper market? Is savvy shopping worth it or do we sacrifice style with savings? And please - where can I find a comfy, stylish pair of sandal wedges that won't break my bank?!

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  1. That jumper is gorgeous, I wish my local Tesco had a clothing section! I love bargain clothes; I don't often shop in supermarkets but that's because I only have a Tesco metro and a Morissons in my town - my mum's always getting really nice stuff from her Sainsbury's though!

    As for sandals, try ebay! A lot of brands now sell on there at discounted rates, and if you know how particular brands' shoes fit you (and aren't fussy about second hand shoes) you can get some great deals! I scored some gorgeous 70s style orange and brown sandals from Barrats for £2.99 including delivery on ebay this week - they're amazing!


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