Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Nail of the Week - Dotty Nails

Nice and simple! Got my dotting tool set through the post yesterday so I set about playing this morning.

Base colour - E.L.F 'Mint Cream'
Dots - NYC 'Pinstripe White'
Top coat - Miss Sporty Clear

Really simple and fun to do! All I did was paint a base colour on, wait for it to dry, then dot white spots on (in as regular a fashion as I could manage) and put a top coat on. Infinitely easier with a dotting tool and on my left hand than my right. Tried it with a cocktail skewer a while back and it worked but wasn't very easy or precise... The actual dotting tools are incredible and they only cost me £3 for a pack of 5 double ended ball tools.

What do you think? Are you dotty for spots? Or are they over done? Creamy pastels or heavy and dark bases?

Coming up next - that dress I promised pictures of :) x


  1. So pretty! I love polka dot nails, I think they're my favourite design :)

    1. Thank you, and they're so easy to do! x

  2. So pretty!! & lovely colour. I love elf products.

    1. I must say, their nail varnish isn't my favourite but it's so cheap it's a crime not to have some! x


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