Saturday, 23 June 2012

Have I slipped into a time warp back to the 80s?

... Or is this Bettlejuice trend really happening?

Whaddya gonna do?
I first noticed this trend in my high street, with one of the newer 'market stall' style shops showcasing a wonderful fully co-ordinating blazer, skinny jeans, high heel and bandeaux outfit all in black and white humbug striping. Take a second to sit back and process that image; somewhere, there is probably a 15 year old running around my hometown in that ensemble with her pubescent and undoubtedly tanned to the point of skin cancer belly sticking out believing that she's made the best fashion choice in the world. *Shudder*

Unfortunately, this is a trend that I definitely can not get on board with. Having said that, there are some lovely black and white statement pieces out on the highstreet now that you can wear without looking like you escaped from prison and or a lunatic asylum (or a grave...). Hence forth; the better side of the black and white stripe trend.

Monochrome striped maxi dress, £22.99 New Look

AX Paris mesh detail dress, £20 from House of Fraser

Rare Stripe dress; £36 from Rare London (personally, I'd lose the belt on this if possible)
Slightly off trend but pair these with a casual plain vest top and you're set. £25 from River Island
Classic 80s style blazer; £24.99 from New Look

I think the message in this post is that the 'beetlejuice' trend can work - if applied carefully. Don't backcomb your hair, don't go over board and please GOD do not go out in head to toe black and white stripes. Avoid the blazers unless you can really help it, and you'll be on trend this summer. 

Do you like this trend? Or do you think it's as whacky as it's film heritage?

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  1. I definitely think the Beetlejuice look is a bit far, I saw a girl in black and white striped leggings the other day and I wasn't much of a fan... Saying that, I think it does work a lot better on the dresses you picked out!
    Faye x


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