Sunday, 2 December 2012

Twelve Days of Nailmas: Day 1

Hello all!

My little finger has finally grown long enough to paint so I am back on the polish wagon! Today's post is bought courtesy of the 'Twelve Days of Nailmas' challenge facebook group. Today is day 1, and I will (hopefully!) be posting a different nail look according to our nail version of The Twelve Days of Christmas from now up until Christmas eve roughly every other day.

Here's the full song if you want to join in:

Twelve Dots a Dotting

Eleven Copper Stripes
Ten Glitters Matted
Nine Glass Flecks Gleaming
Eight Presents Prancing
Seven Reds A Fading
Six Blues A Spotting
Five Gold Rings 
Four Gradients 
Three Silver French
Two Accent Nails
A Polish That Looks Like Berries.

So here is my polish that looks like berries! I am in love with this design, and will probably wear it again over the festive period! I twisted the rhyme slightly and went for holly decorated accent nails. 

Messy pre-clean up photo!
Base coat - Barry M 289 'Gold', Berries - No. 17 'Ruby Glitter', Leaves - Revlon Matt Suede 933 'Emerald City'. I did two coats of Barry M, then dotted the berries and leaves on top. 

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