Sunday, 16 December 2012

Instagram post

Fear not, there will be a 'proper' post up tonight - an exciting one! I received a secret santa present in the post from a mysterious poster over at the nail polish addicts anonymous forum and I'm super excited to swatch the polishes I got - which are absolutely gorgeous and amazing and wow - and show you guys :D

However this post is something a little different that I'm experimenting with; I've had an instagram account for a couple of months now (*pokes the instagram widget in the sidebar) and it's where I post most 'initial' photos of my nails before I come on here and do a full length blog post about them, so it's worth following if you're also on instagram! I'm going to showcase my instagram photos for you; I have seen this done before and if this works out well, I may make this a regular feature.


Row 1: Christmas tips about to be taken off! Fantasy Fire, Silver french tips
Row 2: Candy canes! Pasta bake om nom, mistletoe nail art
Row 3: My boyfriend and my cat, my cat before the 'trauma' ;), yummy home made hot chocolate!

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  1. I do love pictures of cats, keep them coming :)


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