Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Untried Hunt - #2

Accessorize Aquamarine One Coat Metallic

It's no secret that I love Accessorize's range of nail polish, but it may surprise you that my next untried comes from their metallic collection that I rave about so often!

The trouble with this polish is I picked it up just before I went home for reading week at uni, and so I promptly forgot about it's presence in my stash. It was only the other day when I was going through to pick out some polishes to sell (n.b. - keep your eyes peeled for that post coming up soon to grab some polish bargains, because they really need to go!) that I noticed I hadn't actually opened the bottle yet.

So here it is - Accessorize 'Aquamarine', part of their one coat metallic collection.

Accessorize Aquamarine

It's so... blue! It's a really gorgeous deep aqua colour, and honestly I've never seen a colour as vivid as this before. I'm not a massive blue fan but this is now at the top of my favourite polishes list!

Here's a photo with the flash:
Accessorize Aquamarine

It's not got glitter in it, it's just got a multi-tonal silver base which really emphasizes the shadows when the light hits it. This would be fantastic for stamping over as it really is a beautiful background colour.

Accessorize polishes retail for £4 and can be bought from Accessorize stores and selected Monsoon and Superdrug stores.

Am I glad I bought it? Omg, yes! I'm now just sad that I haven't used it before!
Will I use it again? You bet!
Favourite thing about this polish: It really is a one coat wonder! I put this on last night ten minutes before I had to leave the house and it dried quickly with no smudges or bumps. It has chipped a little bit with some tip wear but that was after a day of lectures and some heavy duty cooking so I'm calling it a win.

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