Sunday, 6 January 2013

Untried Hunt - #1

I have far too many untried polishes! So my mission for 2013 is to post at least one of my untried collections a fortnight. Here's my first untried of the year!
O.P.I. Suzi and the Seven D├╝sseldorfs (Ger-minis collection)

When I bought the Ger-minis collection, I bought it primarily for 'Don't Pretzel My Button' and the stunning blue 'Unfor-greta-ble'. I originally ignored Suzi because purple-y pinks are really not my thing!

I'm so glad that I actually tried this though, it is stunning. As you can see, it's high shine and it's VERY pink. This took four coats to achieve, which when you've got a small bottle isn't very good - but with a full size one, it wouldn't bother me at all. In fact, the full size one is now firmly entrenched onto my wishlist. The colour is a very nice pinky plum which would compliment pretty much any skin tone I think.

Am I glad I bought it? Yes!
Will I use it again? Definitely.
Favourite thing about this polish: The femininity of it - it's a wonderfully girly polish without being in your face and over the top.

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