Sunday, 9 September 2012

Boohoo blogger competition

Well the wonderful ladies over at Fashion Vouchers are doing it again - another competition for bloggers! This time the competition is to create an outfit from for under £50! Challenge accepted.

I'm feeling the punky, gothic vibe at the moment - but I still wanted something pretty and club worthy as well. Hence why I threw together these items.

1) Flora black colour block platforms, £30 £15 2) Large corsage clutch, £15 £10, 3) Imogen heart choker, £12
4) Polka dot bandeau peplum dress, £20 £12
Total = £49! Just under budget.

I would do a sexy smokey eye and natural lip with this look - you don't want to go too vampy but a little touch of mystique around the eyes is never a bad thing. I chose the dress first and fashioned the rest of the outfit around it; I know that it seems a bit of an odd combination but I love the 'tame' goth look! This is definitely something I would love to wear out, though I may change the bag as large clutches just aint my kinda thing! However it adds a nice little girly touch and if the bag was a plain black one as I'd normally use, I feel it'd make the whole outfit too dark and oppressive.

As you can see, I relied heavily on the clearance page of BooHoo! There are some fab bargains to be found on the site, both in the clearance and the main section. I love BooHoo! What would you have picked? Will you be entering? Comment and let me know if you do, I love checking out other people's entries!

Whilst I'm here, I've finally got around to setting up a twitter account for my blogging! If you're vigilant you'll notice the little widget on the right of the screen under my followers. If you're very vigilant, you'll also notice that I now have a second blog based around my exploits in organisation, filofaxes and stationery! Find my twitter here and my second blog here.

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